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Roarke Office

Haunted in Death

Posted on 2006.04.19 at 18:28
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: It Had to be You - Harry Connick Jr
OK for anyone who has read this already or is reading it I have to say that the title for me does the book justice. I do not reveal anything because I hate spoilers and want to respect others who have not read it. All I can say is that I was reading it and stopped 3 days ago because it is spooky for me. In those 3 days I have not had a single thought on the book but last night I dreamt about it. It was spooky. Only thing was in the dream I was not Eve or Peabody or any character from the series. I was me and the really weird part was that I was not scared or spooked when in real life I would be shaking like a leaf.

Now I will return you back to your regulary scheduled reading. Enjoy those Roarke love scenes I know I do.

Roarke Office


Posted on 2006.02.15 at 19:22
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: some music from Minnie's Computer
OK I have a little announcement here. Nora Roberts (JD Robb) has announced that Lifetime TV has decided to make 4 of her novels into Lifetime Movies this year. To see which books they are so you can read them sometime this year check out her website at to find out.

Happy Sexy Scene Readings!!!!

Condemned Angel

Question for Today

Posted on 2006.02.08 at 14:48
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Aerosmith- Living on the Edge
OK think of your spouse, boyfriend, lover, side piece or even booty call. If at the moment you are amoung the single and loving it catagory than think about the one that maybe either got away or the one that you loved more than you thought was ever humanly possible.

Are you thinking of them????

OK lets say that Roarke (a real life version of him) were to fall helplessly in love with you? Ask you to run away with him to Olympus for one night of passionate wild monkey sex? Afterwards he asks you to leave said significant other and live your life with him as his "Darling __________" (insert your name) would you do it??

Just something to think of.

Condemned Angel

Purity In Death

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 18:50
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Santa Fe- Rent
Reading Purity in Death and I am only on Chapter 4 and it is so intense that I took a break. Have I mentioned how amazing JD Robb is?

Will make updates tomorrow about my feelings on the books I have already read.